Import Best Quality Indian red chilli whole/powder from india (DCN Marine Products)

Indian red dry chillies and red chilli powder are supplied and exported by DCN.

Dry red chilli:

Red chilies are an essential condiment and are supplied and exported by DCN from India. It is eaten for its fiery flavor and crimson hue. The Indian red chili, known as the “king of spices,” is prized for its potent flavor, intense aroma, and deep red color.



Various types of red peppers:

Various types of red pepper including, Teja, Byadgi, Resam Patto, Sannam, 702, and others. These are accessible both with and without steam. S17 is Teja’s other name, which he also goes by. When compared to other red pepper in India, it has the highest level of heat. Red chilies are well-known throughout the world for their flavorful heat. DCN is one of the top exporters of many varieties of red chilies. as well as a large selection of export varieties like Teja and Byadgi. One of the key ingredients in Indian cuisine is red chili.

Spices like dried red chilies provide meals with flavor and color. It possesses certain therapeutic and homeopathic qualities. We provide uniform in size and shape red peppers. It is primarily utilized to season food.


Dry Whole Chilli Quality:

Indian Teja Chilies with or without stems, Indian Byadgi Chilies with or without stems

Packing information:

  • 1 kg, 25kg/50 kg PP Bag, 50kg Jute Bag, or as needed by the customer
  • The maximum moisture content is 10%, the maximum extraneous matter is 1%, and the maximum total ash is 7%.
  • 14 MT for a 40-foot container
  • According to the needs of the customer, we can also supply entire Kashmiri red chilies.

Red Chili Powder:

DCN exports red chili powder to all corners of the world.

Packing Information:

  • Teja, Sannam, and Kashmiri Marcha are some of the variations for Powder.
  • 500 gm, 1 kg, and 25 kg of packaging depending on customer preference
  • A 20-foot container can hold 16 MT.
  • The leading red chili powder exporter from India is DCN.


Lab Test of spices:

We conduct lab tests of spices like Sudan and Aflatoxin in accordance with international standards that also fulfill national SGS regulations, and our products are devoid of artificial coloring and preservatives.

Why Choose Us:

  • In some regions of the world, India is regarded as the global leader in the trading of pepper.
  • Red chilli powder is well-known for its hot flavour, which complements a wide range of meals and has an intriguing flavour.
  • We are pleased to assist you if you’re seeking for Red chilli exporters in India.
  • DCN is one of the best if you’re looking to import red chillies from India!
  • Numerous nations across the world receive premium Red chilli from DCN.
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