Since 2011, DCN Marine Products Pvt. Ltd. has been supplying renowned Indian Agri products to communities and nations all over the world while pledging to maintain the highest levels of quality and logistics.
DCN Marine Product PVT Ltd, established about 12 years ago, has developed its all-embracing network and created a wide range of products to become a merchant trader and exporter in the stipulation of fresh fruit and vegetables and marine products. We have put a lot of sweat into becoming the crown preference for the international supply and acquiring fresh fruit, vegetables, marine, spices, and food grains. In order to contribute to the development of this great world, we at DCN Marine PVT Ltd saw the chance to do our part for a more sustainable, healthy, balanced, and natural future.
Our ambition for Global procurement staff supports our dedication to quality, import-export, and innovation. While assisting in the improvement of the lives of numerous Indian farmers, we work to connect the world with famous high-quality Indian production at competitive prices.
Take advantage of these magnificent fresh organic marvels at all times because India is the global superpower for agricultural glories
DCN Marine presents specific services that can be customized to fit the demands of individual clients. To maximize supply chain efficiencies, DCN Marine purpose-built facilities are constructed. Our production teams have received training to give exemplary customer service 24/7.
We anticipate the potential to promote innovation and efficiency from farm to fork. This mindset has helped us get to the size we are now. We oversee business ties across several nations on different continents. Every year, we handle more than 100 shipments of fresh food. As a provider of food ingredients marine and spices, we are aware of our accountability for the caliber of the goods we deliver.
We make sure that high standards are met at each stage of the supply chain because of this.
DCN exports to Bangladesh, Singapore, and Gulf nations including Kuwait and Dubai, among others. DCN is recognized for its Every product is of the highest caliber. Every product delivered is processed in strict accordance with our pledges to quality and timeliness, and it is delivered. The company exports agricultural items, marine products, spices, and other goods. We are a supplier of many different items from across the nation, including rice, tomatoes, apples, onions, grapes, pomegranate, sea fish, dry red chili, cumin seed, turmeric, jute, and stone chips.
We strive to offer responsive, market-competitive, and structured-focused service around the clock. We are the top choice for clients worldwide due to our in-depth understanding of agriculture products, vast expertise in the field and in the office, and special management attitude. A partnership with DCN indicates a truly productive relationship for the long run with no regrets due to our cooperative and friendly behaviors towards our clients. We at DCN offer hassle-free organic export services with a promise of excellent goods delivered quickly while maintaining international standards of packaging.


Mr. Apurba Naskar, Miss. Arpita Naskar and Mrs. Mallika Naskar, Directors of the company, the mission is to help fill a profound void in Indian society and to promote quality products of Indian soil all over the World. The prime goal, therefore, is to export high-quality and Fresh goods to various countries at competitive prices.

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